Webcast - Q3 Earnings Announcement

Date & Time: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - 8:30 AM ET

Legumex Walker Inc.

Legumex Walker Inc. (TSX:LWP) is one of Canada's largest processors and merchandisers of pulses and specialty crops. The result of a strategic business combination between the Roy Legumex Group of Companies and Walker Seeds Ltd., Legumex Walker Inc. has highly recognized brands among producers and end-use customers in the global special crops industry. We buy quality crops from more than 18,000 Canadian farmers and process them at our nine facilities, advantageously located in the productive growing regions of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We pride ourselves on creating strong relationships with our growers, secured over a combined 90-year history through proven performance, global pricing knowledge and a diverse product offering. Our integrated global sales and logistics team uses real-time information, world-class tracking and access to multimodal transportation capabilities to ship to more than 70 countries. We have long-term customer relationships with buyers worldwide who value our consistent product quality and excellent customer service. Through our 85 percent interest in Pacific Coast Canola LLC, a company that is constructing a canola oilseed crushing facility in Washington State, we are expanding into canola processing, further increasing our geographic and product diversification.