Sterling Trader Connects to Cyborg's Excel Add-In Trading Tool

CHICAGO, May 16, 2011 /CNW/ -- Sterling Trader is pleased to announce certification with Cyborg Trading Systems' Excel Add-In, a real-time trading tool designed to bridge the gap between developing trading models in Excel and automating them on live markets.


The Cyborg Excel Add-In allows traders to create trading strategies from an Excel spreadsheet, and then execute these strategies through the Sterling Trader API. Traders can easily create, test and automate Excel trading strategies in a short timeframe using Cyborg's intuitive interface; no programming or scripting is required, resulting in rapid turn-around times for trading strategies. It is ideal for traders that already create mechanical models in Excel, as there is no learning curve, long development times or programming costs required to automate their strategies.

"Our products are focused on giving traders the tools to create sophisticated trading strategies without having to learn how to program or script," said James McInnes, CEO, Cyborg Trading Systems. "The Cyborg Excel Add-In is a natural progression for us and truly redefines the flexibility and sophistication of automated trading."

Sterling Trader clients utilizing the Cyborg Excel Add-In for automated trading will still enjoy Sterling's superior performance and routing capabilities while benefiting from Cyborg's Advanced Trade Management and Custom Analytics applications that are available with the Cyborg Excel Add-In. Cyborg also offers Trade Simulation to test trading strategies prior to taking strategies live on Sterling Trader.

"We are always looking for innovative tools our clients can use to stay on top of these highly competitive trading markets," said Steve Sierszulski, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sterling Trader. "Cyborg's ability to continually create sophisticated, yet intuitive solutions delivers those tools into the hands of our clients. The Cyborg Excel Add-In is yet another example of how well the Sterling Trader and Cyborg Trading systems work together."

About Sterling Trader

Sterling Trader is a broker-neutral, professional direct access trading service and global trading network offering a full service order routing and management suite built to support the direct access trading needs of professional traders. For further information, please contact:Stephen A. Sierszulski - Chief Executive Officer1.312.346.9600 -

About Cyborg Trading Systems

Cyborg Trading Systems provides customized high-speed algorithmic trading systems for proprietary traders and institutions. For additional information, please visit, or contact: Jonathan Scratch1.866.274.3342 x 252


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