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The Multi-Platinum Selling Pop/R&B Canadian Singing Sensation is Proactiv®
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PALM DESERT, Calif., Aug. 9 /CNW/ -- Singing sensation, Justin Bieber is speaking out as a huge fan -- and has just been named a spokesperson -- of Proactiv, America's #1 acne system. Bieber will talk to teens about being proactive about acne and skin care to prevent breakouts as part of the marketing campaign.

The Canadian-born YouTube sensation was the first recording artist to have seven songs from a debut album on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, with My World, which was released in November 2009 on Island Def Jam. Rocketed into the spotlight, Bieber credits his devoted loyal fan base for discovering him, saying, "I owe everything to my fans. They found me on YouTube and they make this whole thing fun."

He followed up the success of his debut album with the release of his first full studio release, My World 2.0 released in March 2010 and has since achieved even greater success; debuting at number one and certified platinum in less than two months of release in the United States, making Justin the youngest solo male artist to have a number 1 album on the Billboard Top 100 since Stevie Wonder in 1963. His album remained number 1 on the charts for four-weeks. He has over 8 million fans on Facebook, and over 4 million followers on Twitter, and his current hit "Baby" is the most viewed YouTube video of all time, at just over 260 million views. He has sold over 5 million albums worldwide to date.

Called the world's biggest pop star according to U.S. magazine People, Bieber joins a star-studded line-up of celebrity customers-turned-spokespeople such as leading pop music artists Katy Perry and Avril Lavine, as well as actresses Jenna Fischer and Jennifer Love Hewitt, singer and actress Julianne Hough, and many more.

"This is kind of a way I can give back to my fans, by letting them know I use Proactiv and that it's really easy - 1, 2, 3 and you're done. My fans already know I'm just a regular kid, except the stuff about my life that's not regular... like performing to thousands of kids and always being in the spotlight. But, I know that for a teenager, it doesn't matter how many people are looking at you, you don't want acne on your face."

As part of his work with Proactiv, Bieber will also raise awareness for an educational cause that's important to him, Pencils of Promise. Pencils of Promise is a nonprofit organisation started less than two years ago to build schools and increase educational opportunities in less fortunate communities around the world.

For more information about Justin, Pencils of Promise, special offers from Proactiv, and exclusive behind-the-scenes videos from his Proactiv commercial shoot, visit http://proactivsolution.ca/justin.

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Proactiv Solution is a leader in acne prevention and treatment specifically formulated to offer consumers a lifetime of smooth, clear, healthy-looking skin. Developed by leading dermatologists, Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, Proactiv directly targets the root causes of acne - bacteria, oil production, and dead skin cell build up - allowing Proactiv to heal and sooth acne-prone skin. Proactiv clears existing acne, addresses inflammation and redness, and prevents new blemishes from occurring. Proactiv Solution has a complete line of products, beyond the 3-Step System, including moisturisers, spot treatments, makeup and body care products formulated for acne-prone skin. It has been used successfully by millions of women, men and teens around the world. The iconic 3-Step System, along with other products in Proactiv's extensive skin care line, have been recognised with 27 coveted U.S. awards and honours from the beauty and health industry.

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